BIO International Booth

Year: 2023
2Color Design crafted a 1,500+ square foot masterpiece for KBI Biopharma at BIO International. The booth seamlessly blends open networking spaces, private meeting areas, and an interactive coffee bar, all under a striking branded hanging sign. Experience the captivating design and see how it fosters meaningful interactions and brand awareness.


2Color Design teamed up with KBI Biopharma’s internal marketing team to tackle a monumental task: crafting a captivating and functional booth exceeding 1,500 square feet for a major trade show. The expansive space needed to seamlessly integrate diverse functionalities, catering to high-level discussions, intimate client meetings, casual networking, and efficient visitor flow.


2Color Design planned the layout, employing strategic zoning and visual cues to guide visitors intuitively through the various areas. Think of an open and inviting main space bathed in natural light, leading to designated enclaves for:

  • Enclosed conference room: A dedicated haven for confidential discussions and presentations, ensuring privacy without sacrificing accessibility.
  • Meeting pods: Semi-private havens for focused interactions with potential clients, offering a more intimate setting compared to the open main space.
  • Comfortable lounge area: Inviting seating arrangements, like the one pictured below, encouraged casual conversations and networking opportunities.
  • Dedicated reception area: A designated welcome zone streamlined visitor registration and information dissemination, ensuring a smooth first impression.
  • Interactive serving area: A branded coffee bar with barista service and custom donuts added a touch of delight and encouraged engagement, fostering informal interactions and brand recall.

Adjacent to the main space, a 400-square-foot extension housed two additional private meeting rooms, providing further flexibility for focused discussions.

Key Design Elements:

  • Large custom hanging sign: A prominent brand identifier visible from afar, solidifying KBI Biopharma’s presence in the bustling trade show floor.
  • Clean lines and bright color palette: The 50′ x 30′ footprint utilized minimalist aesthetics and a vibrant color scheme to create an open and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Branded materials: Custom corporate brochures and video presentations complemented the physical booth, reinforcing KBI Biopharma’s message and offerings.
  • Promotional Giveaways: Branded water bottles, leather-bound journals, and custom M&M tins in the brand colors.


2Color Design’s strategic approach resulted in a visually captivating and functionally efficient booth that exceeded expectations. The diverse features facilitated meaningful interactions, enhanced brand awareness, and ultimately contributed to KBI Biopharma’s business success.

Additional Details:

The project also involved designing and producing branded booth materials, signage, and promotional items.

  • The successful execution of the booth garnered positive feedback from both KBI Biopharma and potential clients alike.
  • This project exemplifies 2Color Design’s expertise in creating impactful and functional trade show experiences that resonate with target audiences and drive business objectives.
Bio International Booth | KBI Biopharma

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