All In, ’23 National Sales Meeting Branding

Year: 2023

Ride the Wave of Success with Stunning Design

This project showcases how strategic graphic design transformed Alcami’s sales meeting into a vibrant, cohesive experience. Dive into playful visuals and discover how branding fueled fun, team spirit, and professional impact.


Create a cohesive and impactful brand identity for Alcami’s December 2023 National Sales Meeting, capturing the fun and inspiring atmosphere of a Wilmington Beach getaway, while aligning with the company’s professional image.


  • Beach-themed brand identity: Developed a vibrant visual language featuring sun-kissed hues, playful ocean waves, and subtle palm tree silhouettes.
  • Custom event logo: Designed a bold and energetic mark reflecting the energy and momentum of the sales team.
  • Surfboard inspiration: Incorporated surfboard shapes and textures into graphic elements, symbolizing riding the wave of success.
    • Cohesive application: Ensured a consistent brand experience across all promotional materials, including:
    • Presentation template: Infused slides with beachy visuals and the custom event logo for a unified look.
    • Photo op backdrop: Created a vibrant and interactive photo opportunity themed around a beach boardwalk.
    • Promotional items: Developed unique designs for custom surfboards, Hawaiian shirts, branded towels, and other giveaways, tying them seamlessly to the overall brand identity.


  • Enhanced brand recognition: The distinct and cohesive beach theme created a memorable and impactful brand experience for the meeting.
  • Boosted team spirit: The playful and energetic visuals resonated with the sales team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement.
  • Professional yet fun: Achieved a perfect balance between showcasing Alcami’s professionalism and capturing the lighthearted nature of the beach setting.


This project exemplifies how strategic graphic design can elevate an event brand, setting the stage for a successful and memorable experience.

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